How Many Musical Keys Are there? 12, 24, less, more?

If you're like everybody else you think there are 12 musical keys. But are there?

There are actually 30 keys. Examine this from the key signatures: 

No accidentals = C major and A minor 

There's two keys. 

Now, let's take the keys on the 'Circle of Fourths' that provide all the flats:

One flat: that's F major and D minor 

Two flats: Bb major and G minor

Three flats: Eb major and C minor

Four flats: Ab major and F minor

Five flats: Db major and Bb minor

Six flats: Gb major and Eb minor

Seven flats: Cb major and Ab minor

There's 14 more keys.

Now the keys from the 'Circle of Fifths' that provide all the sharps:

One sharp: G major and E minor

Two sharps: D major and B minor

Three sharps: A major and F# minor

Four sharps: E major and C# minor

Five sharps: B major and G# minor

Six sharps: F# major and D# minor

Seven sharps: C# major and A# minor

And, if you don't believe me, take it from Victor Wooten: