The Free Guide to Rock Guitar Speed Picking: Shred Beyond 300 BPM

Speed-Picking for Anti-Shredders

March 2018 Second Edition from Infinite Ego (Infinity, Go!) the "Chops Monster" (Guitar One magazine).

If you want to learn the musically dubious skills involved in speed picking faster than fast, I have the book for you and, best of all, it's free; no strings attached.

My approach is the unexpected synthesis of guys like Vernon ReidDanny GattonShawn Lane, Buckethead, and Arthur Rhames -- not the usual suspects!

With my techniques you can play free form chaos or highly structured patterns. It's up to you. Check out the videos below.

At the moment I have a book called "Speed Picking for the 21st Century Rock Guitarist,  2nd Ed." that some of my friends have been working through and providing feedback for improvements.

We cover alternate picking, sweeping, hybrid picking, chicken pickin', banjo rolls, and more exotic techniques. 

You can get your free copy one of three ways:

The FB Group: GtrOblq

Or EmailGtrOblq

Or Private Messageyou can reach me at The Gear Page where I am "ieso"

That's all there is to it.

With my approach you're not trapped into cliche patterns and licks (unless you want that) and you never run out of strings or fretboard to create extremely long, flowing lines at any tempo, improvised right on the spot.

Here's some improvised lollygagging at 95 BPM.

Like more structure mixed in with the free-form?

You can even play redneck music this way:

Some harmonic minor flavors:

Like to work inside the pentatonic 'blues box' and wish you could stack mind-bending parallel 4th lines?

And if you're a nihilist who wants to conjure the vortex of doom, that's possible too. Basically, there are no limits.

This is an old demo track I did way back in the 90s on a tape deck that kind of got the ball rolling. Yes, you too can transform your guitar into a particle beam weapon. Embrace the horror: