Getting a Great Sound Out of a G&L

So, you're used to Fender guitars and now you have a G&L and it sounds, well, different, and you're wondering if the sounds you're used to and want out of the new guitar can be obtained.

Here is a short piece of advice: Think of your G&L (e.g., my Comanche above) as a kind of 'Super Strat' (ASATs are Super Teles) with a lot more sounds in them than you are used to, they do have those old, vintage tones in them if that's what you want.

Try this: think backwards.

Turn the volume knob down to around 7

Turn the bass and treble knobs all the way down to 0

Start by adding in just enough treble so that you get the tone you want from the low string (this could be anywhere from about 2 to 5) and then add in a bit of warmth until you get the sound you want on the high string above the 12th fret (maybe 3 to 5).

This is a good starting point for the sweetest sounds. For soloing you just crank the volume knob and season to taste with the treble and bass filters. For example, a great sound is the neck pickup with all the bass rolled off and the treble at around 6.

You really gotta use those knobs! ;-)

If you want more advice, read the long form version of this article I posted earlier.

Cheers and enjoy that G&L.

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