Fender Masterbuilt, D'Pergo, PRS Private Stock, Ruokangas, Ritter, Dumble, Bludotone

You're ready to take that final step to the apex of Gear Mountain. You could put that money toward a house or retirement but you're smarter than that! You've got your eye on YouTube stardom. You'll be the envy of The Gear Page, the talk of the town, the maestro of mojo -- but you need the right guitar and amp!

What will it be?

D'Pergo into a Z Wreck? How about a Masterbuilt Fender Strat into a Bludotone? Perhaps an honest to god Dumble a Two Rock to make that Ritter sing like a little angel?

How to decide?

I think the $25,000 answer is right in front of you, buddy:

No matter how you blow that pile of cash, it's too expensive to gig with, your recordings are going to sound like any other guitar and amp, and on YouTube it's going to sound like a Squire plugged into a Peavey Bandit.


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