Best Corrosion Resistant Coated Guitar Strings

If you like coated guitar strings designed to resist corrosion you might as well bypass the middleman and just get the strings that other companies are using or simply rebranding.

An added benefit of these strings is they feel like normal strings.

Back in the good old days if you bought guitar strings from the usual suspects (Ernie Ball, DiAddario, etc.) they were all using wire from Mapes or just rebranding Mapes guitar strings.

At some point not too long ago these firms decided to switch to cheap Chinese wire for strings at that roughly $5 price point and the results are terrible. I ended up on a $300 odyssey to find the best guitar strings and found that Mangan was using the good stuff from Mapes. If you had more money, Pyramid was getting it done right with German wire.

If you prefer coated strings I found that Mapes is the best deal on high quality, low cost strings. I'm not  normally into treated strings but these really are fantastic. Nothing like those weird Elixir strings.

Buy them direct in three-packs and save a bundle of money. It's good to know you can still get high quality guitar strings made in the US.

I'm currently testing Mapes Octocore strings and will let you know how it goes.

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