Chickin Picking Vs Hybrid Picking

Hybrid picking is simply the use of both a pick in combination with the remaining one, two, or all three fingers to attack the strings of your guitar. Go check out a YouTube video of, say, Eric Johnson for example.

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Chickin Pickin is a technical subset or form of hybrid picking that involves a particular style of attack such that   (a) any plucked note is abruptly cut short by the attack of the pick, or, inversely, (b) the plucked note is preceded by a deadened pick stroke.

The difference in sound is kind of like: (a) daaa-dit or (b) dit-daaa

The untrained ear would have difficulty discerning any difference between the two but both forms are good to know.

There is another form (c) I use that involves a pick attack on, say, the palm-muted 4th string followed by a palm-muted finger attack on the 3rd sting for a (c) dit-dit sound.

And you can incorporate more than two strings for a (d) dit-dit-dit sound or (e) dit-dit-daaa sound.
A great example of this would be minor triads on the top three strings (root on the third string) leading into the tonic (A) via a D- triad: Gb- F- E- D-
The sound of this lick would be:  dit-dit-dit,    dit-dit-dit,    dit-dit-dit,    dit-dit-daaa

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Of course, chick'n pick'n can also be a form of finger style guitar. Check out this video from Greg Koch where he describes his various approaches. Go to about 30 min into it.