The Danny Gatton Pick (Fender Medium and Its Alternative)

Danny Gatton was known for playing a Fender medium pick ideally suited for chick'n picking' -- it was a small, teardrop-shaped jazz thing that is long out of production.

I'm down to my last one so I set out on an odyssey to find a suitable replacement.

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I went through about 40 small, teardrop jazz models and finally settled on a fantastic pick by Wegen: the Big City model.

The big difference is not the shape, as you can see they are almost identical with the Big City being just a tiny bit longer overall -- however the Big City is  over 1mm in thickness (radically different than the Fender). If you notice, though, the Big city has a beveled tip such that the point of attack is actually much thinner than the body of the pick.

Though the materials are different, the tonality is surprisingly close.

I dig the Big City. I know I've been pimpin' this thing pretty hard lately, but this is just a fantastic plectrum and I gotta share my excitement for such a killer tool.