Best Praise and Worship Distortion Pedal PW Overdrive

It's your time to wear the halo but stepping on the wrong OD pedal could turn your solo into "Ah, hell no!"

Specifically designed for the Praise and Worship (PW) guitarist, The Golgotha Screamer by Smugster Pedals gives you four ways to control your tonal destiny: Volume, Gain, Tone, and Hypocrisy.

The Golgotha Screamer won't leave you hanging with easy access to two internal DIP switches to add maximum control over your sound: 'Bomination Mid-Boost and your choice of either silicone or germanium-flavored enthusiasm.

The GS works great with other Smugster pedals including: The Beatdown Boost with two simple controls: Pain and Agony.

And the Airy Fairy Chorus with two foolproof controls: Depth and Depravity.

Don't wait for the afterlife to get that otherworldly tone, step up to The Golgotha Screamer from Smugster! Buy all three and receive the 25% Holy Trinity discount. 

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