The Ultimate Guitar Plectrum / Pick

I've been playing since 1982 and finally found the best all-round pick for alternate, sweep, and hybrid picking. It's just the best ever.
And which one is The One you ask?

The Wegen Big City. However, as it arrives from the manufacturer it was only an 'also ran' to the many picks I have plowed through over the years. To transform the Big City into The One Pick to Rule them All, I perform an ever-so-slight and easy modification with a common emery board to make the tip a litter thinner and sharper than the 1.2mm body. The idea is just to get the tip more in line with JIII specs but you end up with more gripping surface and a better overall material, a nice positive attack, buttery release, and no unwanted sonic artifacts.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes for you.