The Ultimate Guitar Pick for Alternate, Hybrid, and Chicken Picking

Over the years I've used a lot of different picks. Many were good but there was always something not right that left me searching. I've reviewed several on this blog ( Blue Chip, Red Bear, V-Picks, and the classic Jazz III ) that were nearly great but still falling short a little bit for me.

Let's see some of the picks I've plowed through lately:

In the last year or so, I discovered a pick that I thought was just another okay plectrum but after shelving it for a while I decided that I would come back to it and try to modify it a touch and, after messing around with one for a while I discovered, lurking within an okay pick, the ultimate pick for alternate, hybrid, and chicken picking' -- the Wegen Big City.

However, you gotta know what to do with it and to it in order to make it's absolute awesomeness emerge from the standard model:

There you have it: Infinite Ego's Ultimate Guitar Pick. And, Wegen if you read this, have your people contact my people, and let's work on an Infinite Ego Signature Model.