Joe Barden Telecaster Bridge

There are many Tele-style bridges on the market for direct replacement and/or new builds. I researched the bridge for my new parts-caster quite a bit and finally settled on a Joe Barden unit.

The inspiration behind this bridge was provided by Danny Gatton and a few things set it apart from your run of the mill bridge: angled saddles for accurate intonation, a notched treble sidewall, thicker-than-vintage plate construction, and additional screws for the front of the bridge such that the plate is forced to stay flush with the top of the guitar, eliminating unwanted feedback.

The metal baseplate is thicker than average without being so chunky that it kills the vibe of your guitar. This is a complaint you hear often: I replaced the thin stamped metal plate on my Tele with a ______________ (fill in the blank with a $120 cold rolled steel battleship part) and the mojo is gone. The Barden is substantial without being oppressive. Your TWANG is preserved.

The brass saddles and associated screws and springs all feel top drawer. It is a nice bridge.

Installation was easy and I had the saddles adjusted within a few minutes. I was surprised at how fast and easy it was to get it all sorted out.

How is intonation? Nearly perfect. I was frankly a bit shocked at how well the three saddles get the job done. Chords sound sweet up and down the neck.

Importantly, the height adjustment screws do not poke up out of the holes to gouge your hand.

And, if you're doing a Warmoth build featuring a 10" - 16" compound radius neck the good news is that this Barden bridge works like a charm.

All good for around $60 - $65. Highly recommended.