The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky

I like PRS guitars and I like Strats but this new Mayer Silver Sky is a Silly Strat.

$2K for a Strat with a number of problems that I can't reconcile.

The first 'deal-breaker' is the vintage 7.25" fretboard radius. I haven't even thought of playing a guitar hobbled with that spec since the 80s. Great for cowboy chords; bad for everything else.

Next up is the frankly hideous headstock. It might be cool on another model but on a traditional Strat body it just looks absurd -- not to mention the vintage yellow tint rubbing the wrong way against the black and silver guitars. This an aesthetic error.

Gig bag? Now, some gig bags are pretty nice and I do have one PRS gig bag that came with a Vela but at this price point I want a standard PRS case.

What's up with those birds? They look like the cheap plastic variety found on the S2 line. I hope they didn't do something fancy because they look cheap. If this guitar is coming off the S2 line I'd say the price makes no sense whatsoever.

Next up are the color options:

I'm picky when it comes to matching body colors to fretboards -- the rosewood looks good against the white and the red, however, that brown against black is bad enough (should have gone with non-stained maple, ebony, or ebonized rosewood) but contrasted with the silver it's just a clash of cold metallic tones with brown wood. Terrible. They should have gone with bible-black ebony for the silver model.

There's just not enough of the PRS DNA in the body to lure me away from a Fender, Suhr, Anderson, etc.

Finally, Mayer seems like a complete tool of a human being so there's the stigma of having a guitar linked to his name. Even if I owned one I'd never let anyone know it LOL