Positive Hate and Negative Love in the World of Guitar

I was surfing around YT the other day and ran into a Yngwie clone doing a very good job at cloning the Yng. Here it is if you want to take a gander: https://youtu.be/2iMdxEm5oMk

By any objective standard this Panos guy is a talented player, with great chops and intonation, overall, really good at what he's doing. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Yng-style music (although I do like his tone and I do like watching some of his vids from time to time, they can be entertaining!) and I think there may be something slightly off when it comes to clones in general but, you have to admit, this guy is a good player and the music is inoffensive at least.

But what I found interesting at this page was not the music but the reaction of one odd fellow:

Haters gonna hate, not too unusual. However, why would a player who holds a band like Pink Floyd aloft as a standard bearer be hanging around a shred fest YT channel in the first place? That's the real question and it reminds me of an analog from the world of homophobic moral crusaders who patrol the virtual cybersphere sniffing out what they consider transgressions and delivering their brand of moral righteousness.

Ever stop and wonder about the anti-homosexual crusader who sits at home, alone, in the dark watching innumerable videos about gay sex? They can't stop thinking about it. They can't leave it alone. It bothers them to no end! What are they repressing? It comes as little surprise (to me, anyways) when the moral crusader winds up in the news for being 'busted' in a gay sex scandal.

What's the connection between, say, the anti-shred crusader and the anti-gay crusader, or, really, the logic of anti-anything? Their hate is a disguised love. The anti-X is a distorted expression of their unconscious desire to be or do what they are denigrating.

The guy who hates gays is a repressed homosexual who cannot live with that thought in their consciousness.

The guy who hates shred guitar to the extent they have to make a public stink about it is a guy who secretly desires to shred but has run into some frustrations and blockages that they cannot overcome.

As German philosophy reveals to us, there really is only bad in the world; the good is the evil we choose to ignore.

Give in to the dark side is, I guess, the idea all of these anti-warriors need to receive.

This does not mean we have to 'like' everything, that's not realistic. Sure, I find neoclassical shred a little goofy because, for me, mixing classical music and rock or metal is kinda like drinking champagne while eating a corndog but there's a world of difference between saying "This is not my cup of tea, but enjoy yourself..." and hating on it.

Where there is hate you are experiencing an expression of an unconscious desire to do or be that thing of darkness. The logic is called "The return of the repressed."

Go for it and the thing of darkness emerges from the domain of repression and into the light of reason.

It's okay to want to be something and fail. Just admit, I wish I could do X but I can't; however, will keep trying. To hate is to admit defeat and stop striving for the thing that you want to be. Hate is for those who have admitted defeat and resigned themselves to being thwarted, diminished, and bitter people. Be yourself, work hard at it, and turn that hate into love, or, at least, tolerance for others.