Guitars Made With African Mahogany

So, what's up with this 'African Mahogany' guitar trend?

As it turns out, I have two guitars made out of 'African Mahogany' and, while they're fine guitars, we shouldn't be hoodwinked into thinking that 'African Mahogany' is being chosen for its inherently great acoustic properties or that companies have managed to track down some wonder wood that is better than those we traditionally associate with guitar-building like alder, ash, maple, and mahogany.

African Mahogany isn't actually a 'mahogany' per se but is considered a "valid substitute" for real mahogany.

The reason it is so 'hot right now' is that:

1. It is easy to work with;

2. It is really inexpensive;

    and, most importantly,

3. It is not covered under CITES

Like most things, it just comes down to money and convenience.

However, one side benefit of 'AM' is that it is very lightweight. My Suhr Modern Satin (neck and body made from 'AM') is a tick under 7 lbs.