Slant Picking, Edges, and Cracking the Code to Speed Guitar

So you want to develop speed on the guitar and you want to achieve that through alternate picking? You've found a code that will crack that nut, you're slanting this way and that and, no matter how well you perfect those techniques, and you should perfect them, you'll still never make the leap out of the realm of ordinary musical reality. You're going to be stuck sounding like a YngClone or, worse, playing those idiotic arp zig-zag sweep runs of doom: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

It was all cool in the 80s but this shit is played out. Let's move on to the 21st Century by learning to hybrid pick. With a tiny amount of physical effort, hybrid picking makes the usual approach look as exciting as watching paint dry.

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Go watch some Danny Gatton vids on how to Chicken Pick, banjo rolls, and Chet style and then fuse those techniques to the ordinary basket of techniques and you'll be in a whole new world of unlimited physical expression.

I took the alt. picking tricks used by Burnin' Vernon and blended them with Gatton's country style to create a new way to pick. Egotronics. You can play as fast as you want with nothing really in the way of speed limits.

Fast Forward to 52 seconds if you're impatient.

Here, I'm in just lollygagging  at a moderate tempo. You can rip around like a maniac at any tempo you want. And I don't have a product to sell you, I'm just trying to 'sell you' on the concept itself.

Learning country guitar techniques is time well spent and they do not hem you in to playing country music. Probably the fastest guitarist I've ever seen was Shawn Lane and, if you check out YT videos of him ripping through time and space you'll see he's using hybrid picking.

Now, go watch those Danny Gatton vids!

Get my free postmodern shred technique book and go to infinity and beyond!