TC Polytune Clip

TC Polytune. It's just Tune, forget the Poly

The TC Polytune Clip is a great idea but the execution leaves a little to be desired.

The build quality is good but not quite as amazing as their advertising and marketing videos make it out to be. It's just plastic with a metal clip, nothing out of the ordinary here. The slightly crude metal clip seems oddly incongruous with the body of the tuner and the spring could stand a tiny bit more pressure to prevent the Polyclip from moving around on the headstock. The spring on the clip also makes squeaks and a grinding noise when you manipulate the clip.

As for tuning, the polyclip will get your guitar in tune. However, the strumming function where you can see the pitch of all six strings at once is unreliable and will vary from one guitar to another.

For this review I tried it out with three guitars: a Martin OOO acoustic, a semi-hollow G&L Bluesboy ASAT, and a PRS Vela solid body.

As expected I could get all three guitars in tune one string at a time but then checking the tuning of all six strings simultaneously reveals the weak spot in the Polyclip.

With the Martin acoustic perfectly in tune according to the single string tuning method, the Polytune consistently reads the low E as slightly detuned and the G string almost never registers at all.

With the G&L perfectly in tune according to the single string tuning method, the Polytune consistently reads the Low E as slightly detuned and cannot reliably read either the G or the B strings.

The PRS was the only guitar of the three in which the relationship between single-string and strumming methods demonstrated any coherence at all.

The Polyclip is advertised as a revolutionary advance in tuning and will set you back $50. I don't think it lives up to the hype. Plus, I have to use another tuner for my Anderson with the BF tuning system. Bummer.

This is the second piece of TC gear I've bought in the last few years and both acquisitions failed to live up to hype and expectations. The Corona Chorus pedal I bought broke within minutes under the heavy abuse my thumb was dishing out on the switch (and it sounded terrible) and this 'Polytuner' is a bit aggravating.

Back in the day TC made really solid gear. Their stereo chorus + pedal was the one that everybody I knew had or wanted. It was a classic but these days there seems to be a gap between their ideas and the manufacturing end.