Increasing Treble From a Neck Humbucker

Your bridge pickup sounds great but the neck humbucker is dark and muddy. How do you add more treble and bite to the neck pickup while preserving what you like about the bridge pickup?

Guys, don't forget you have tone knobs for a reason.

Simple fix:

1. select the neck pickup with its tone control maxed out on '10' so that it is as bright as it can be;

2. adjust your amp's treble until you get your neck pickup sounding just the way you like it;

3. select your bridge pickup with its tone control maxed out on '10' as bright as it can be;

This sound will be too bright, so:

4. roll down the bridge pickup tone control until you have the sound you want.

At this point you should have a balanced tone between the two pickups. This is why, on a guitar with twin hum-bucker's, e.g., a Les Paul, each pickup should have its own tone control.

But what if the bridge pickup sounds lame? You have low-quality or an improper value pot.

If yours only has a single tone control, you'll have to venture out into:

playing the game of swapping out pickups or, better, get a separate tone control added or have the single tone control wired to apply only to the bridge pickup. After all, how often will you need to bleed the high end off of the neck pickup?

Otherwise, you could sell that piece of junk and just buy a PRS which always sounds good ;)