Are Expensive Guitar Cables Worth the Money?

I bought a Fender Strat a few years ago and got a Fender KoilKord thrown in (they retail for about $15 otherwise). I've been using it for recording ever since but I was wondering if it might be the sonic weak link between my guitars (some costing over $3K) and my AxeFxIIXL+ and UAD Apollo Quad interface. I mean, when your recording chain comes in at around $8K it is at least plausible that a $15 cable is letting you down, right?

So, I bit the bullet and ordered 10 feet of $80 Asterope Pro Studio cable and put it up against 15 feet of low end love.

Here they are: PRS Hiland with 59/09 bridge pickup, cable, Axe-Fx with a cranked 1963 Brownface Vibrolux patch.

Note: if you download this file it is uncompressed 24 bit WAV format.

Setting aside construction and durability issues, which one sounds expensive?