The UAD Fender Tweed Deluxe VS the AxeFxII Tweed Deluxe

Honestly, I've never been much of a fan of the tweed Deluxe or Twin amps from Fender. For me, the tweed Bassman is a killer amp, one of my favs of all time (the larger cab and the 4x10 speakers make a huge difference to me) and things got even more interesting in the transitional 'brownface' era, yet, one cannot deny the iconic sound of these amps and UAD has just released a Fender-authorized version of this American classic. I definitely like the fact that I can use it in Console and it sounds very authentic. The problem for me with these early tweed amps is that when they are cranked the distortion is very fizzy and jagged -- not my cup of tea at all. I never found a use for the tweed Deluxe or Twin until I got the AxeFxII+ and, for once, I enjoyed the sound. It's still not my fav by any stretch but I thought it would be fun to crank up both the new UAD version and see how it stacks up with the AxeFx emulation.

UAD is represented in the first minute and the AxeFx in the second.

Personally, I think the AxeFx kills the UAD model. The UAD sounds just like every small tweed amp from Fender I've every played but the AxeFx sound way better.

I tried to set them up pretty much identical and just cranked up the gain.

Either way, you get either an authentic sound or something that sounds better than real life.

Uncompressed .wav file: