REAPER 5.0 What's New in Cockos REAPER 5.0?

REAPER 5.0 is rapidly approaching here and inquiring minds want to know what big new features will grace the latest edition of this affordable and powerful DAW.

If you're totally happy with REAPER 4.78, and it's doing everything you need in a stable manner, my recommendation is to not worry much about moving over the 5.0 any time soon. What is new is VST3 support and features for working with video along with a nice default theme developed by White Tie. Additionally, there are a lot of bug fixes (which might be reason enough to upgrade) and VCA and things to make the script kiddies happy.

One of the most requested features, which, at this moment, is just a half-baked hidden fiction that the user has to manually activate, is PiP and it appears that no new work was put into this.

Anyway, check out this article for a more detailed review and an interview with JF.

The complete list of changes are as follows:

v5.0rc14 - August 8 2015
AVFoundation decoder: end of stream decoding tweaks
MIDI SPP: avoid resending SPP messages on play after having sent when stopped
MIDI clock: fixed periodic jitter
MIDI editor: made actions for setting/multiplying grid size behave like 4.x
ReaScript/Lua: 3rd party functions return nil when relevant
Tempo markers: allow removing first tempo marker when it is the only tempo marker
Topmost pins: better positioning for Windows 10 (and Vista/7/8)

v5.0rc13 - August  5 2015
  + MIDI clock: timing improvements
  # Prefs: update track panels when changing group indicator modes

v5.0rc12 - July 31 2015
  # VST3: fixed added FX going offline

v5.0rc11 - July 30 2015
  + MIDI Editor: fixed 'Open MIDI toolbar' actions [p=1549773]
  # JS: fixed gfx_triangle()
  # MIDI Editor: added toolbar actions [p=1549666]
  # Tempo map: control-dragging tempo markers adjust tempo of previous marker
  # VST3: improved rpp format state (encode full GUID in VST line, etc)

v5.0rc10 - July 24 2015
  + JSFX: fixed Blackman-Harris windowing function in gfxanalyzer and gfxspectrograph
  + Metronome: option in i/o menu to allow routing metronome through monitor FX
  + ReaPlugs: fixed windowing in various analyzers
  + ReaVerb: fixed deconvolutation inaccuracies relating to windowing function
  + Region Manager: fixed delete/backspace/etc in the filter box [p=1548830]
  + Resampling: improved quality of sinc filtering (thanks to Tale/Theo Niessink)
  + Track Manager: fixed delete/backspace/etc in the filter box
  # Dockers: better handle switching of styles on OSX
  # FX: separate VST2.4 and VST3 user presets when both versions of the plugin are installed
  # JS gfxanalyzer, gfxspectrograph: corrected power scale for windowing functions
  # Localization: fixed preference help [p=1545633]
  # MIDI editor: don't use tool window mode on win8+
  # Media items: fixed fade shape after split issue [p=1545420]
  # ReaScript: gfx_triangle marks the destination bitmap as dirty [p=1547290]
  # Theme: updates
  # Track panel tint: made v4 theme behavior match that of v4 [p=1545568]
  # VST3: improved .vstpreset support
  # VST3: improved cross-platform plug-in compatibility

v5.0rc9 - July 13 2015
  # File resolving: fixed issues resolving relative filenames with project path set [p=1543465]
  # MIDI editor: fixed arcane toolbar issue [p=1545106]
  # Toolbars: display toolbar-close button for frameless floating toolbars
  # Theme: envcp tweaks

v5.0rc8 - July 12 2015
  # Reverted HT detection, to reappear at a later date

v5.0rc7b - July 11 2015
  + Performance meter: option to show maximum RT block processing time
  # Theme: Fixed layout typo in rtconfig.txt
  # VST3: factory preset improvement
  # Video: OSX topmost button fixes
  # Video: apply topmost state of pin/docker pin when going fullscreen
  # Video: fix for possible EVR hang on XP
  # Video: improved topmost pin behavior with fullscreen

v5.0rc6 - July 10 2015
  # Actions: fixed various last touched FX/FX parameter actions [p=1532030]
  # Improved CPU/HyperThreading detection
  # OSX: fixed Item Properties dialog resetting active takes [p=1543977]
  # Theme updates
  # Toolbars: separators click-through on frameless floating toolbars
  # VST3: fixed preset reload after plugin load for some plugins
  # VST: ignore parameter change notifications when opening UI
  # VST: prevent certain plugins from creating undo point on playback start [p=1542953]
  # VST: support shell plugins (eg, Waves) in Project Bay and recent-fx list
  # Video: fixed preview of item edge edits
  # Video: improved secondary monitor behavior on Windows

v5.0rc5 - July  7 2015
  # Envelopes: fader-volume relative editing tooltip improvements
  # Envelopes: fixed auto-trim of fader-scaled send volume envelopes [p=1541483]
  # FX browser: improved folder remembering
  # Theme: updates
  # Toolbar editor: fixed separator preview display issue [issueid=5611]
  # VST3: fixed export/import of .vstpreset files (this belongs with 5749132f)
  # VST: Removed some old special-case code for u-he plugins
  # VST: avoid creating undo point on loading certain plugins

v5.0rc4 - July  2 2015
  # Envelope/dB-based editing option: one vertical pixel translates to 1dB below -60dB (and 0.2 dB above, unchanged)
  # Envelope: dB-based editing option only applies to fader-scaled volume envelopes
  # Envelope: don't fallback to relative editing when dB-based editing is disabled
  # Envelope: more reactive relative editing
  # Project Bay: improved sorting for FX Parameter tab
  # Project Bay: retain separate sort column preferences for each tab
  # Theme tweaks
  # VST: fixed "Adjust FX" undo points on project load [p=1538770]

v5.0rc3 - June 26 2015
  # FX quick-add menu: sort FX types in the same order as the fx-add dialog
  # JS: fixed volume_pan_sample_accurate_auto for pan envelopes
  # MIDI editor: fixed hang when converting MIDI source with MIDI editor open
  # Media Explorer: more shortcuts pass through to the main window
  # Theme tweaks
  # Theme updates

v5.0rc2 - June 19 2015
  + Project Bay: fixed replace FX in project [issueid=5324]
  + Project Bay: fixed source/item/fx deletion and undo issues [issueid=5315]
  # Mixer: only center list elements if centered text would fit
  # Project Bay: fixed VST2.4/VST3 confusions [p=1534995]
  # Project Bay: use user-created FX instance names in project bay
  # Splash: better formatting of long messages
  # Theme walter/color tweaks/fixes
  # VST: fixed label of fx inserted via vst folders context menu [p=1535692]

v5.0rc1 - June 17 2015
  # API: fixed MIDIEditor_GetSetting_int [p=1534130]
  # API: fixed MIDI_GetPPQPos_EndOfMeasure and MIDI_GetPPQPos_StartOfMeasure
  # Icons: new icons
  # Splash: new splash, about box imagery
  # Theme updates
  # Track name editing: better handle overlap of track name and meter on win32

v5.0pre36 - June  2 2015
  + EDL: support for VIDEO media type in Vegas EDL TXT
  # Theme updates
  # Theme: fixed win32 loading of certain images (session red/blue subtheme fix)

v5.0pre35 - May 27 2015
  # JSFX: fixed some applefilter72db parameter bounds [t=161194]
  # Mixer: minimum size fix for background images
  # Theme:  flow singularity achieved

v5.0pre34 - May 25 2015
  + Media explorer: fixed issues when using pitch preservation and tempo synchronization
  # Media explorer: tempo synchronization video fixes
  # Theme fixes/tweaks
  # Video: AVFoundation error-checking improvements

v5.0pre33 - May 22 2015
  + Media Explorer/Win: fixed various issues vs international characters in 'Windows Explorer' mode [issueid=5271][issueid=5062]
  # MIDI editor: separate actions for loading note names to active channel or all channels
  # Media Explorer: fixed seeking with (imported) MIDI files [p=1522111]
  # Media Explorer: prevent frozen video preview through selected tracks [p=1524275]
  # Theme: monitoring fx button, other stuff, mcp master layouts, hires param knobstacks

v5.0pre32 - May 15 2015
  # MIDI editor: fixed right-click binding of erase notes/CC
  # MIDI editor: only scan two subdirectory levels for note name lists
  # MIDI editor: option to assign note names to all channels [issueid=1404]
  # Media Explorer/Win XP: fixed strange image buttons
  # Media Explorer: fixed seeking when browsing other folders [p=1520669]
  # Theme updates: envcp, transport, bonkers
  # Volume envelopes: fixed fader scaling and writing to vol and pre-fx-vol envelopes at the same time

v5.0pre31 - May 12 2015
  + Windows: fixed color picker potentially "shown" offscreen
  # FX: fixed potential hang on undo [p=1520409]
  # Routing window: improved dB value precision [p=1513927]

v5.0pre30 - May 10 2015
  # API: CreateNewMIDIItemInProj doesn't create an undo point anymore
  # API: fixed EnumProjExtState [p=1518548]
  # API: fixed GetFXEnvelope [p=1517243]
  # API: fixed potential EXTSTATE data loss
  # API: improved GetProjectStateChangeCount (NULL parameter means current project)
  # Media Explorer: added context menu item "Show in explorer/finder"
  # Media Explorer: tweaks
  # Project bay: fixed error messages
  # Theme loading: if layouts specify image paths, fall back to parent directories (if any) for missing images
  # Theme updates
  # Theme: updates

v5.0pre29 - April 30 2015
  + Audio: support for up to 512 channels of input and output
  + OSX: fix for weird behavior in 10.10.3 and 32-bit
  + ReaPlugs: improved touch-automation behavior for various check/combo/edit controls
  # Media Explorer: added option/action to toggle search in folder names/supported media only
  # Media Explorer: added option/action to toggle search in subfolders/current folder only

v5.0pre28 - April 28 2015
  # API: added PCM_Source_Destroy()
  # Media Explorer/NativeBrowser: display modified dates for folders too
  # Media Explorer: added browsing history buttons/actions
  # Media Explorer: fixed accessibility/tabbing navigation issues
  # Media Explorer: improved previous/next file navigation in the native browser
  # OSX: fixed project directory cleanup treating recording files as unused
  # RS5K: Update plugin graphical display when automating ADSR
  # RS5K: fixed intermittent problem when automating sample start/end [p=1515118]
  # Theme and layout love
  # Tracks: properly construct folders when duplicating the last folder track within another folder track [issueid=5430]

v5.0pre27 - April 21 2015
  # Media Explorer: fixed backspace behavior on Windows OS
  # Media Explorer: improved 'go to parent folder'
  # Media explorer: added action to insert selected portion of media item with loop disabled
  # Plugin pin connector: removed sidechain dropdown in favor of a more complete solution which will come at a future time
  # Theme updates

v5.0pre26 - April 20 2015
  + Media Explorer: added option 'Play through selected track'
  + Media Explorer: search in subfolders too
  # Media Explorer: improved play cursor position for MIDI files
  # Undo: added separate configuration for adding points for item/track/envpt selection

v5.0pre25 - April 20 2015
  + Preferences: turned the option 'Create undo points for item/track selection' into 'Create undo points for item/track/envelope point selection'
  # AU: when loading preset state, avoid param-change notification messages [p=1510487]
  # Actions: fixed MIDI shortcuts improperly triggering alt-recording actions [p=1510114]
  # Automation: fixed various issues vs the option 'Allow writing automation to hidden envelopes'
  # Mouse modifiers: stretch marker context supports 'No action'
  # Tooltips: keep tooltips for most item/envelope editings in the track being edited

v5.0pre24 - April 12 2015
  + MIDI previews: automatically disable anticipative FX in routed-to tracks for open MIDI editors
  # Tab to transient: fixed zero-crossing detection typo [p=1508055]
  # Theme updates

v5.0pre23 - April 10 2015
  + Default preference change: disabled 'Allow anticipative FX processing on tracks with open MIDI editors (will increase MIDI preview latency)'
  + VST: whitelist Voxengo plug-ins to use effSetSpeakerArrangement by default
  # Copy/paste: pasting tracks or importing track templates creates new item groups if necessary
  # Elastique: updated to v3.0.9
  # Envelope: fixed adjusted amount in tooltips
  # Envelope: fixed missing guidelines when moving certain segments
  # Envelopes: relative editing of non-volume envelopes, optional in preferences/envelopes
  # Playback: fixed auto-stop on end of project for multiprojects
  # Project tabs: fixed undo point being added for auto-close of fx chain windows
  # Theme updates
  # Video: fixed flipped RGB decodes of DirectShow videos

v5.0pre22 - April  2 2015
  # Fixed volume envelopes sticking at 0dB
  # Jump to time: better marker/region support
  # ReaScript/EEL: extension APIs support optional parameters
  # ReaScript/Lua: extension APIs support optional parameters
  # ReaScript: extension APIs support null/nil project parameters (interpreted as 'current project')
  # Video: VLC 2.2.x support
  # Volume envelopes: better grid lines for fader-scaled envelopes
  # Volume envelopes: fixed 24dB max setting

v5.0pre21 - March 29 2015
  # Envelope actions to increase/decrease envelope points by a small amount now uses 1dB for volume envelopes
  # Envelopes: dB-centric editing of volume envelopes (1dB normal, 0.1dB on fine)
  # Envelopes: moving points/segments shows relative adjustment tooltip
  # Faders: allow +0dB as a maximum fader limit
  # Media item properties: fixed undocked window position restoring
  # Project Bay: improved JSFX title vs filename support
  # ReaControlMIDI: UI fixes/optimizations
  # ReaControlMIDI: fixed pitch automation
  # Transport: doubleclicking time display opens jump-to-time window
  # Volume envelopes: added +12dB, +24dB as options for envelope max display
  # r5 theme support: fixed grid-through-inline-midi-editor for v5 themes [p=1502257]

v5.0pre20 - March 21 2015
  + Project bay: new tab FX parameter envelopes, modulation, and MIDI learn
  # API: export TimeMap_GetMetronomePattern
  # Envelopes: add undo point when changing volume envelope scale
  # Envelopes: fader-scaled volume envelopes snap to +0dB rather than an arbitrary point in the middle
  # Envelopes: fader-scaling fix for take envelope toggling [p=1470951]
  # Envelopes: fixed fader-scaling/amplitude-scaling conversions when copying items and their associated volume envelopes
  # Envelopes: fixed fader-scaling/amplitude-scaling conversions when copying points to/from envelopes
  # ReaScript/Lua: better handle extension API errors (e.g. nil parameters) [p=1499037]
  # ReaScript/Lua: fixed reaper.atexit() not being called in certain instances
  # Transport: fixed potential display corruption on win32 and when docked above ruler
  # VCA combining: fixed output on fader-scaled envelopes

v5.0pre19b - March 17 2015
  # VST3: fixed osx UI support

v5.0pre19 - March 17 2015
  # MIDI: fixed rendering/etc to midi items
  # VCA: Actions to apply VCAs respect envelope point curves
  # VST3: fixed support for UIs that notify frame size changes
  # VST3: improved config chunk support (fixes Arturia plug-ins among others)

v5.0pre18b - March 16 2015
  # Envelopes: apply VCA actions respect selection, oops
  # FX: reset PDC when offlining FX
  # ReaInsert: more sync fixes/improvements especially when muting/bypassing

v5.0pre18 - March 15 2015
  # Actions: fixed switch toolbar actions [t=157294]
  # Envelopes: apply VCA actions
  # MIDI editor: mouse modifier to stretch notes behaves like a normal note edge edit when note is not selected
  # ReaInsert: allow negative delay offsets when using automatic device latency
  # ReaInsert: fixed more potential sync issues
  # ReaInsert: more accurate pinging (zero crossing check, use of DC offset filter, noise threshold
  # ReaScript: prompt to launch or terminate deferred instances, with option "Remember my answer for this script"
  # Tempo map: fixed changing tempo map point between square and linear transition, using context menu
  # Theming: added envcp_knob_small/large images

v5.0pre17 - March 12 2015
  + AU: fixed informing plugins of project repeat state
  + MIDI editor: added mouse modifiers to edit note edges ignoring selection
  + MIDI editor: changed default note edge mouse modifiers to match default media item edge modifiers
  + ReaInsert: improved behavior when using PDC, looping, etc
  # API: added GetTrackStateChunk()/SetTrackStateChunk(), Item, Envelope versions, deprecated GetSetTrackState()/GetSetTrackState2() etc
  # Actions window: show Scripts and Custom actions separately
  # Docking/Windows OS: fixed MIDI editor and Media Explorer not obeying to MIDI/OSC bindings when docked [p=1494274]
  # MIDI editor: ctrl+alt+click now by default selects note and all later notes
  # OSC/Action binding: improved controller value accuracy
  # WALTER: added division and subtraction support (/ and -)

v5.0pre16 - March  9 2015
  # AU: fixed automation
  # Automation: fixed inserting envelope point when take playrate has been edited
  # MIDI editor: display half note triplet grid properly
  # Mixer: properly scale/clip background when minimum size is used
  # Mouse modifiers: added modifer to adjust item contents and right edge
  # ReaScript: do not prompt to launch a new deferred instance, terminate the script instead
  # Send automation: fixed recording automation when send envelope is set to fader scaling
  # Time map: when using project time timebase, always use beats timebase for normal midi items
  # VST: fixed renaming plugins (broken in 948f3383c)
  # WALTER: added trackcolor_valid, trackcolor_r/g/b values for use

v5.0pre15 - February 26 2015
  # Actions: Take/item propagate actions for all tracks
  # Propagate actions: prevent showing lots of take FX UI

v5.0pre14b - February 23 2015
  # API: GetProjExtState() api fixes for EEL/Lua (default to 4mb buffer)
  # API: GetSetObjectState() better handles take envelopes
  # Automation: fixed sample accurate VST/JS automation with non-1.0 project playrate
  # Automation: fixed sample accurate automation with PDC
  # ReaScript: clear extension config state when creating a new project
  # Theme: fixes

v5.0pre14 - February 22 2015
  + Actions: added propagate take and propagate item actions
  + MIDI SPP: fixed SPP sending with project measure offsets at t=0, send SPP when stopped/seeking to t=0
  + MIDI SPP: improved position rounding
  + OSX: CoreAudio latency detection improvements
  + Tab to transient: improved behavior with multichannel media
  + Zero crossing navigation: improved behavior with multichannel media
  # OSC: fixed incorrect FX parameter notifications
  # Theme: fancy theme updates
  # VST: fixed audioMasterAutomate(-1) not notifying undo system

v5.0pre13 - February 15 2015
  + Language packs: packs can specify scale for dialog windows using 5CA1E00000000000=xsc ysc
  # API: replaced GetVolumeEnvelopeScaling with a more generic GetEnvelopeScalingMode
  # ColorTheme Tweaker: updating blend modes clears item prerender cache [p=1474182]
  # Mixer: fixed issues with incorrect display of extended mixer FX-add menu [p=1479533]
  # Replaced DEF_SLIDER2VAL/DEF_VAL2SLIDER with ScaleFromEnvelopeMode/ScaleToEnvelopeMode
  # Take colors: fixed colors for multiple takes in lanes with v5 theme [p=1476282]
  # Take envelopes: set new envelopes to current FX parameter value

v5.0pre12 - February  9 2015
  + Localization: all codecs (wav, video, mp3, etc) dialog boxes and related strings can be translated
  + Localization: new template LangPack
  + Metronome: improved count-in behavior/quality
  + Prefs: fixed track icon alignment setting [p=1473659]
  + WAV reading: support ambisonic WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE files
  # API: GetSetObjectState2 supports take FX envelopes
  # API: added CountTakeEnvelopes and GetTakeEnvelope
  # FX browser: fixed video processor appearing in all folders
  # Fixed various localtime() related crashes
  # MIDI editor: preserve triplet/dotted/swing type when changing grid division via action [t=136307]
  # ReaScript: support scripts with non-ASCII filenames
  # Stretch markers: auto-add markers at item edges when modifying due to timemap
  # Volume envelopes: fixed fader restoring when hiding fader-range volume envelopes [p=1470845]

v5.0pre11 - February  3 2015
  + Stretch Markers: improved behavior when changing tempo map/moving items across tempo maps
  + Take FX: duplicating FX copies channel counts
  + Take envelopes: when stretch markers are used, transform via tempo map
  # Automation: do not clear latches when starting playback
  # Automation: fixed FX automation writing when starting playback in write mode [p=1471672]
  # JSFX: desc: line tweaks, many fx get secondary desc lines which include longer descriptions
  # JSFX: updated default FX library, win32 installers allow not installing effects/data
  # Take envelopes: fixed envelopes being both applied and copied when rendering items as new take

v5.0pre10 - January 31 2015
  + JSFX: fixed potential crash from gfx_circle() with bad parameters [p=1467110]
  + ReaScript: toggle state support (script toolbar buttons can have on/off states)
  # API: added GetToggleCommandStateEx()
  # Automation: "render items as new take" copies take FX and envelopes
  # Automation: option to add envelope points following writes when stopped
  # Envelopes: fixed copying fader-scaled volume envelope points
  # FX add: more configurable left pane, improved recall of view
  # JSFX: better shortened names
  # Plugin routing: don't show sidechain dropdown for input, take fx
  # ReaScript: renamed get_context() to get_action_context()
  # Take envelopes: fixed default display-envelopes button
  # Take envelopes: fixed envelopes sometimes not being drawn
  # Takes: reordered buttons
  # Video processors: fixed loading of parameter values from presets
  # Video: fixed take fx automation timing

v5.0pre9 - January 28 2015
  + FX Browser: smart folders (filter-folders)
  + FX browser: options to view JSFX by description and/or filename
  + MIDI learn: fixed action binding corner-case in relatve modes 2 and 3
  + Ripple editing: fixed moving items with other locked items at same position [issueid=5490]
  + Ripple editing: removing time in one-track and all-track mode better respects QN preferences for markers, items, and envelopes
  # Automation: automatically create per-take envelopes when tweaking FX parameters in envelope write mode, if preference enabled
  # Automation: button to open per-take envelope dialog
  # Automation: support for copying per-take envelopes from one take to another by dragging the envelope button
  # Automation: take envelopes obey preference to only draw overlapping above a certain height
  # Fixed "modify MIDI CC/mousewheel" actions
  # VST: fixed some plugins refusing to accept the user setting an .RPL preset
  # Video: allow automation on take FX processors
  # Video: param button for accessing parameters
  # Video: processors support user presets

v5.0pre8 - January 23 2015
  + API: added GetToggleCommandState3 since ReaScripts can't use GetToggleCommandState2
  + API: added RefreshToolbar2
  + API: added SetToggleCommandState to change ReaScript states
  + Automation: increased automation recording speed by 3x
  + Automation: support for recording automation in background projects
  + Automation: take FX automation recording support
  + Config export: include media explorer databases
  + ReaScript: EEL and Lua scripts can query various information (incl. MIDI/OSC input values) via get_context()
  + ReaScript: toggle state support (e.g. script toolbar buttons can have on/off states)
  # API: removed the brand new RefreshToolbars (not ReaScript-friendly)
  # Media item properties: fixed start offset adjustment when using take playrates
  # Ripple edit: ripple-all mode no longer modifies time map
  # Time Map: better bpm-changing behavior when shift-moving time signature markers
  # Time Map: fixed auto-set of allow-partial flag during certain region reorders [p=1462556 part 2]
  # VST3: fixed automation/undo for some plugins
  # Video: changed default decoder priority to favor VLC, ignore more quicktime types for directshow
  # Video: fixed RGB output on WINE

v5.0pre7 - January 18 2015
  + ReaScript: in addition to Python, EEL and Lua scripts support functions exported by extension plugins
  # FX: improved undo behavior
  # Item editing: trim behind mode better handles exactly-overlapping items
  # Time Map: fixed incorrect start offsets generated when reordering regions
  # VST3: fixed Duende crash
  # VST3: fixed plugins closing on undo
  # Video: AVFoundation video encoder fixes/optimizations for YV12 mode
  # Video: improved YV12 odd-edge quality of gfx_fillrect()
  # Video: improved resize logic to avoid subsampling artifacts

v5.0pre6b - January 16 2015
  # ReaScript: fixed Python function wrappers (
  + Time Map: improved time signature behavior when moving/copying regions
  # Theme updates, WT is smug

v5.0pre6 - January 16 2015
  + API: added GetVolumeEnvelopeScaling
  + API: added RefreshToolbars
  + ReaScript/EEL: support functions exported by plugin extensions
  + Time Map: improved behavior when adding/changing time signature marker numerator and/or denominator
  + Time Map: improved behavior when inserting/removing time in project (fixed auto-create of new time signature markers)
  # MIDI editor: option to hide project markers, regions, tempo/time signature markers
  # MIDI export: fixed encoding of linear tempo changes
  # MIDI: mid file writing fixed when ticks per QN is configured higher than 64k
  # Notation: removing notation editor for now. It will be back later.
  # ReaScript/Python: fixed API functions dealing with HWND
  # VST3: scan subdirectories of preset path for .vstpreset

v5.0pre5c - January 11 2015
  # VCA: master mute envelopes apply to slave tracks
  # VCA: pan/width support (uses slave track's pan law/pan mode. Dual pan not supported for VCA, and deprecated classic balance is not fully supported)

v5.0pre5b - January 10 2015
  # VCA: changed VCA implementation, separate VCA master/slave flags, VCA pre-FX slave grouping flag. breaks pre5 VCA in projects completely

v5.0pre5 - January 10 2015
  + API: added GetFXEnvelope()
  + Track grouping: VCA slave track group setting
  # API: added DelteEnvelopePointRange
  # API: added GetOS()
  # Fixed setting of non-timesignature tempo markers
  # MIDI editor: note-off velocities can be edited in a separate lane
  # MIDI editor: show tempo/time signature markers in the ruler
  # MIDI: stop hanging notes when muting MIDI media items during playback
  # Notation editor: context menu to change clefs
  # Notation editor: fixed bad font sizing on OSX
  # Notation editor: improved ties, erasing notes, undo
  # Notation editor: preview notes while editing via the project virtual keyboard
  # Routing: creating or changing a sidechain send does not send MIDI
  # VST3: various fixes relating to preset changes

v5.0pre4 - January  8 2015
  + API: added CountEnvelopePoints, GetEnvelopePoint, GetEnvelopePointByTime, SetEnvelopePoint, InsertEnvelopePoint, Envelope_SortPoints, Envelope_Evaluate
  + API: added FindTempoTimeSigMarker, EditTempoTimeSigMarker, DeleteTempoTimeSigMarker
  + API: added SetMediaItemTake_Source
  + FX: added sidechain dropdown in pin connector window
  + FX: enable parameter learn menu for rec-input, monitoring, and per-take FX
  + Item fades: fixed potential for invalid output in certain but rare fades
  + MIDI editor: project tempo markers can be viewed and edited in a special lane
  + MIDI: note-off velocity support
  + Media Explorer: fixed MIDI/OSC action binding
  + Notation editor. Early days, feedback welcome!
  + Render queue: fixed invalid render directories/filenames in certain instances [issueid=5459]
  # FX: refresh track controls when editing FX parameters
  # ReaScript: fixed docked IDE keyboard support on win32
  # VST3: show parameter context menu when right-clicking on parameter knob, if plugin supports it
  # Video: updated builtin ffmpeg version to include mov container, QTRLE support, ffmpeg 1.2.11
  # Volume envelopes: changed project save/load format for fader-scaled envelopes, for compatibility when running older versions of REAPER (note: projects previously saved with fader-scaled envelopes will not load correctly)
  # Volume envelopes: fixed manual edit of envelope point value

v5.0pre3 - January  4 2015
  + EEL/Lua editor: don't block input from international keyboards
  + JSFX: change font size in editor via Ctrl+Mousewheel (also works in ReaScript IDE)
  + JSFX: fixed last touched parameter when skipping sliders [t=152326]
  + JSFX: support for naming sliderXY variables via @sliderx:varname=defval<... syntax
  + OGG Vorbis: support chained files with heterogeneous channel count
  + Ruler: absolute frames time display mode
  + Time Map: better behavior when changing time signatures
  + Undo: fixed FX envelope edition undo which was also changing lane height
  + VST: fixed incorrect latency reporting when changing pin connections
  # API: added GetMediaSourceLength()
  # API: fixed GetLastTouchedFX()
  # Actions: fixed 'Adjust last touched FX parameter (MIDI/OSC only)'
  # JSFX/ReaScript: fixed partial editor redraws
  # Lua: fixed gfx.getimgdim()
  # Prefs: fixed setting of no track grouping indicator [t=140835]
  # Theme: WIP updates
  # Undo: FX envelope undo internal improvements
  # VST3: .vstpreset import/export support
  # VST3: .vstpreset loading support
  # VST3: improved state save/restore
  # Video: added deinterlace preset, gfx_img_getptr to detect frame changes
  # Video: changed default for new projects to video-on-lowered-numbered-tracks priority
  # Video: fixed YV12 output on OSX for odd image widths
  # Video: fixed video processor window opening before video window on win32
  # Video: named FX parameter support in processors

v5.0pre2 - December 24 2014
  # FX: fixed "last touched parameter" actions responding to FX GUI edits
  # API: added Main_SaveProject, fixed MIDI_InsertNote, improved Get/SetProjExtState
  # Envelopes: fixed volume envelope fader feedback in fader-scaled mode
  # JS: added volume_pan_sample_accurate_auto (example of how to use sample-accurate automation in JSFX)
  # JSFX: fixed automation issues [p=1446341]
  # Theme tweak window: fixed brokenness
  # VST3: automatically scan VST3 path for existing users, once only
  # VST3: don't display categories in FX browser if the user has no VST3s installed
  # VST3: ever-expanding plugin compatibility
  # Volume envelopes: fixed multichannel flat segment support [p=1446227]

v5.0pre1 - December 21 2014
  + API: added Get/SetProjExtState, so reascripts and extensions can save data with the project
  + API: improved MIDI support
  + Action list: merged columns 'Cmd Id' and 'Custom ID'
  + Appearance: added theme tweak window (and removed outdated preferences pane)
  + Appearance: improved theme color tinting support (requires 'version 5' in rtconfig)
  + Appearance: themes can override tint/peaks preferences (such prefs will be disabled in the preferences if so) via rtconfig 'tcptint' and 'peaksedges')
  + Automation: internal changes and performance improvements to FX parameter automation
  + Automation: more consistent behavior when changing FX preset
  + Automation: new volume envelope type that mimics track fader scaling
  + Automation: warn user when changing volume envelope type, because linear envelope transitions will generate different audio depending on the scaling
  + Buffering: updated default worker thread scheduling logic
  + Default preference change: enable 'ignore mouse wheel on all faders'
  + Default preference change: enable 'inform plug-ins of offline rendering state'
  + Do not automatically enable MIDI vol/pan faders when creating MIDI-only sends/receives [t=94841]
  + FX: support for parameters with inverted ranges
  + JS: sample-accurate automation support (individual FX can see the queue of scheduled automation changes while processing an audio buffer block)
  + JSFX: added support for slider minimums being greater than maximums
  + JSFX: editor improvements (scrollbars, multiple editing panes, etc)
  + Metronome: beat patterns can be configured by the user
  + Metronome: new beat patterns can be specified whenever the time signature changes
  + More toolbars
  + OGG Vobis: support chained files with heterogeneous channel count
  + Opus support (
  + Parameter modulation: user-adjustable LFO phase
  + Project tabs: fixed hide/restore of input FX windows on tab switch
  + ReaScript: graphics/UI API (gfx*) extended, added support for Lua
  + ReaScript: integrated Lua 5.3 scripting support
  + ReaScript: new IDE supports syntax highlighting, multiple editing panes, watch lists, structure matching, and more
  + ReaScript: support for running scripts within an integrated development environment (IDE)
  + Ruler/Grid: improved display for frame grid and HH:MM:SS:FF
  + Screensets: better project tab support for FX
  + Screensets: fixed screenset issues with input FX and hardware FX
  + Theming: scrollbar_2 and scrollbar_3 images can override scrollbar images for arrange and MIDI editor respectively
  + VST3: added VST3 support
  + Video: allow user configurable video decoder priorities with per-extension controls
  + Video: configurable video output display latency
  + Video: dockable video window
  + Video: per-source option to not decode audio for video files
  + Video: pooled audio decoders, reducing RAM use for heavily edited videos
  + Video: project framerate is used instead of media framerate to determine display timing
  + Video: projects can now specify preferred video width/height/colorspace, resizing options
  + Video: realtime programmable (EEL) effect processors insertable as track and item FX, items
  + Video: support for AVFoundation video encoding/decoding on OSX 10.7+
  # Fixed toolbar docker sometimes opened with wrong tabs/toolbars

For full log see:

v4.0-v4.7x  - August 2011 - December 2014
v3.0-v3.78  - May 2009 - August 2011
v2.0-v2.58  - October 2007 - March 2009
v1.0-v1.888 - August 2006 - August 2007
v0.2-v0.999 - December 2005 - July 2006