Chromyte Center Block Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion

Inspired by a forum discussion of bullshitty marketing terms used by guitar companies, I was reminded of the time I bought a Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion II....

I'm standing there looking at the guitar, nice guitar, and the sales dude tells me that one of the special features of this particular model was the "chromyte center block" used to reduce feedback.

Oooo, "chromyte".... I'm wondering what "chromyte" is and conjuring up mental images of exotic, sub-atomic reactions going on in the guitar to make it sound so awesome.

I asked the sales dude what "chromyte" was and as he's looking at me like he has no clue another guy walks by and says, "balsa wood."

Ah, bullshit aside, balsa actually makes a lot of sense. However, once again, you have to keep your eye on those marketing terms designed to confuse and seduce rather than educate.

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