D'Addario Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo

I've only owned one capo since the 80s but that one, a Shubb, was lost in a move so I did a little research and came across this Tri-Action model designed by Ned Steinberger and manufactured by D'Addario and branded under their Planet Waves moniker.

The design is clever and makes one-handed operation a breeze. Most importantly, the downward pressure is firm and even with no slippage after engaged.

I bought one for myself and my daughter so we could work on some songs. The Tri-action is simple to adjust and fits both of our acoustics: a Yairi Dreadnaught and a Martin OOO-15:

One thing was a bit of downer, however, and that was that the built in pick-holder only works for standard thin picks. I tried to put my 1.4 mm Wegen Big City in the holder and it just snapped off instantly.

Other than this qualification, the NS Tri-Action is simple and easy to use and is very effective. Highly recommended.