Recording With Real Amps vs Plugins and Modelers

You already have a good amp and you've heard that recording 'real' amps is better than using digital modeling or plugins within your DAW. Maybe, but let me ask you a few questions to see if this really is the way to go:

Do you have a great-sounding room to record in?

Do you have the ability to crank that amp loudly?

Do you have one or two killer microphones?

Do you have one or two killer mic preamp channels?

Nothing is worse than a barely-audible tube amp in a crummy location.

If you're stuck in your average bedroom with run of the mill recording gear then I would suggest using a digital modeling device or a good plugin on a DAW track. Having a good amp is not quite the be-all and end-all of recording guitar; the good amp is only a precondition.

Put some money into the environment and the recording chain if you want to get great-sounding live guitar amps.