Metric Halo Channel Strip, Soundtoys EchoBoy, and iLok

I was just getting ready to pull the trigger on the Metric Halo Channel Strip (on sale for $75) when I read that it required an iLok account.

Well, screw you, MH, I will not be forced to use iLock. No sale.

Then I shifted gears and went over to Soundtoys and wanted to get the EchoBoy plugin and discovered that it requires an iLok USB dongle.

Well, screw you, Soundtoys. Not going to happen. No sale.

If you're considering using anything that requires an iLok account or their USB dongle, you had better read up on the never-ending cascade of failure and bullshit perpetrated by iLok on their customers. It's like an annual rite of passage.

No plugin on earth is worth going through all that nonsense and, really, who wants to have a USB port on your computer eaten up with that piece of junk, anyways?

Even if I wanted an iLok dongle, and I don't, I wouldn't have a spare port on my computer anyways.

Boycott iLok and every software company that uses them.