UAD Marshall Plexi Plugin by Softube

On virtually every Plexi-oriented plugin, I typically dime every knob except for Presence but, as you can see from the photo above, I dialed a lot back and didn't even bother to jump channel two. Still, it sings pretty well. It has actual 'feel' to it. I think they have a winner on their hands, and I'm not much of a Softube fan at all -- I think, overall, they make some of the most overrated plugins on the market. But this one makes a good compliment to the higher gain Brainworx ENGL Retro, which I just love to play through. Can't get enough of that ENGL.

Does this plugin compete with something like the Fractal AxeFx? Oh, hell no. But you can have this amp for just a tiny fraction of the cost.