Voice of God Plugin Alternative

Don't want to spend the $ on the UAD VoG plugin there is probably already a tool in your arsenal that will get the job done. To quote Music Radar:

"Voice Of God is great, but it’s actually just a resonant high-pass filter - you can mimic its effect with any EQ plugin that features a high-pass filter with Q control. Simply apply the high-pass filter to your signal, narrow the Q width, then set its frequency to boost the desired frequency range. Voila - focused, enhanced bass end!"

There you have it.

If you need a low-cost EQ that can do this that sounds ten times more expensive I would suggest checking out the terribly named but killer stuff from Toneboosters (the latest incarnation of Breebaart's well-respected effects). Specifically, check out the FLX EQ.

I am a happy user of many UAD plugins but these TB plugs are every bit as good and easy on your CPU.