EHX Soul Food vs. Xotic EP Boost

The Soul Food boost (Klon clone) by EHX is the latest and greatest that appears to be living up to the hype.

In pure boost mode, i.e., the volume up and the drive down the sound is just a bigger version of you, your guitar, and your amp. Beautiful. But crank the drive and you get another pedal altogether.

In front of a small tweed tube amp the SF will definitely satisfy your craving for molten midrange leads. I cranked the SF in front of a Swart AST Pro (playing a Suhr Modern) and you'd swear you were playing a tiny, raging Marshall. The same thing cannot be said for the EP Booster. Cranked in front of the same amp the tone is fizzy and ratty sounding.

As a boost, the SF is really fantastic and it knocked the EP off my pedalboard. The SF is way better in my opinion, though I do like the EP for what it is, especially in front of a faux tape delay where its frizzy characteristics works well. But the EP Booster has just one knob/function and fails to provide that big wide-spectrum sound of the SF with the drive down and the volume up.