Studio Tip: Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

We spend a lot of time thinking about computers, interfaces, microphones, preamps, effects, and so on, but one of the most useful things you can get for your studio is a wireless keyboard.

I use a bluetooth-enabled Apple keyboard with my iMac running the Reaper DAW.

I set up a custom command in Reaper such that the "." keystroke automatically stops the recording, undoes what has been recorded, rewinds to the beginning of the project and when I'm ready to record again, the custom keystroke "r" gets me going again.

This way, I can set up my stereo mic system in another room with better acoustics and away from the computer fan noise while still controlling transport, recording, playback, undoing things, etc.

Taking things a step further, some interfaces now utilize remote control via an app on your iPad or iPhone to control levels and whatnot. You can step away from your computer and simultaneously be the performer and the engineer without running back and forth constantly.