Softube Console 1 Alternative

The Softube Console 1 is pretty awesome in theory yet it's not something I want to buy because it's overpriced, it requires an iLock account, and it is made by Softube -- not a good thing from my experience. Their emulation of the venerable Plexi might be the worst plugin of the type ever and does not speak well for a company trying to make a name for itself emulating analog circuits.

There is a cheaper and more flexible alternative that works great: Pod Farm from Line6.

I've been a harsh critic of Line6 hardware (and I think their amps are garbage constructed mainly out of car audio parts) but where they are weak in hardware they are strong in software.

Pod Farm contains not just amp and guitar effect emulations but also classic studio hardware so it is easy to set up a virtual console (from clean to mean, depending upon the emulation you use) with preamps, eq, and compression on every channel and a lot more to choose from than the single flavor that Softube offers.

Of course, if you are in need of a new interface, grab one of the units offered by UA, and get yourself the API channel or one of the Neve strips and you can create a killer, virtual analog mixing console in your DAW.