Line 6 Pod Farm

The Line 6 Pod Farm is not just for guitar guys but is a powerful studio tool.

I was interested in the Console 1 from Softube but I realized that the Pod Farm is actually a lot more powerful and still sounds fantastic -- additionally, the Pod Farm gets around two aspects of Console 1 that I don't care for.

Console 1 costs $1K and requires an iLock account. I have never been interested in anything requiring an iLock.

I've been a harsh critic of Line6 hardware (and I think their amps are garbage constructed mainly out of car audio parts) but where they are weak in hardware they are strong in software.

Pod Farm contains not just amp and guitar effect emulations but also classic studio hardware so it is easy to set up a virtual console (from clean to mean, depending upon the emulation you use) with preamps, eq, and compression on every channel and a lot more to choose from than the single flavor that Softube offers.

You can use a clean console plugin on your master bus or on tracks you don't want to hype or you can use API emulations, for example on a drum bus, to kick up the mojo.....whatever mojo is.

And even though the L6 Pod Farm (and before that the Gear Box plugins) have been out there for years they still get the job done nicely. I recently gave the new UAD Friedman amp emulations a spin and found them to be not nearly as useful or pleasing as the old Pod Farm sounds. Let's not forget, L6 pretty much put guitar amp modeling on the map for us way back in 1996 when they released the AxSys 212.