Apogee Jam 96K

I've been using the Apogee Jam 96K daily for the last few months and I gotta say, this piece of kit is really awesome.

I use it in conjunction with Positive Grid's JamUp app on my iPhone 5 (now the iPhone 6+). At first, there was no love but after rebooting my phone a couple of times and fiddling with the settings in JamUp it all came together perfectly. And thanks goes out to my buddy, Chris Shaffer for the P-Grid recommendation.

No discernible latency, good sound, solidly built for what it is, and zero problems with reliability.

I wish there was more to report but it's just really simple to use, sounds good, and is well built.

With this, your phone, a comprehensive guitar amp and effects emulation app,  and your guitar you've a complete setup for recording or live playing.