How to Climb the Charts on Reverbnation

A few years ago I published a HUGE article on successfully climbing the charts on Reverbnation and demonstrated my ascendence to the top of the international experimental genre.

Then RN decided to change the name of the game and it no longer came down to fans and music.

Now there's only one way, the easy way, to make it to the top and that is pay Reverbnation a steady stream of cash for every little thing.

It's all pay to play now, folks, and is also the reason that RN experienced a mass exodus of musicians who now just consider RN one among many band/music sites to be utilized.

I lost interest in the site for a couple of years and recently went back to create a new account and what I found was a more convoluted and over-engineered site that demands too much effort, time, energy and money if you want your presence to have any impact.

I think a lot of people are starting to burn out on platforms like RN and FaceBook, and other media parasites. Oddly, I think a retro vibe might make a comeback with bands going back to building self-contained web sites and relying on good old-fashioned direct marketing to fans.

Anybody want to buy a T-shirt and a vinyl record?

97% Chimp