Playing Guitar to Breakbeats

You've learned all your scales, box patterns, modes, arpeggios, and whatnot, and you're an ace at soloing over blues, pop, rock, and metal tunes but then you're asked to provide guitar lines to a song that features a breakbeat groove and your normal approach is sounding lame. Play faster? Slower? You're old runs and licks don't seem to fit with the vibe.

You gotta switch into 'Egotronics' mode:

Okay, so here is 28 seconds of knumb-skullery that will help demonstrate an approach to playing with breakbeats:

This is designed to demonstrate egotronics in its simplified form, the capacity to play rock-ish electric guitar to complicated backing tracks that would be tough to work with with using conventional phrasing. I took a breakbeat sample, loaded it into the Sector app, warped, bent, and twisted the hell out of it so that it is really tough to play along with, then (really quickly, sorry this is fast and dirty stuff) worked out a line that weaves the guitar into the track. I tried to keep the phrasing pretty simple without all the connective tissue (passing tones) I would normally include to keep it angular. It might take a few listens to grasp what is going on but, in my opinion, this works.

The essence of 'Egotronics' is to eschew the kind of linear or cliche runs (featured in the first run) by playing the 4th/5th intervals off of alternating 3rd/6th intervals. For this demo, I kept the phrasing pretty sparse so you could concentrate on the angular essence of the whole thing -- it's an easy matter to add in more passing and approach notes once you nail down the basic 4/5 and 3/6 interval alternations.