Vacuum Tube Damper Rings from EuroTubes and Duende Criatura

EL84 tubes are notorious for rattling like mad when you crank up the volume. My AC15 was sounding pretty good (mild tinkling) but I figured since I was buying some new tubes I might as well just put some dampers on there while I was already under the hood -- until I saw the insane prices being charged for the big name, Duende Criatura rings. Online they're routinely going for $35 a pair! And I see people putting a pair on each tube! WTF?

Admittedly, they look nice:

But this voodoo silicone is for suckers buying $1000 AC cables for their hi-fi systems and there are alternatives.

After poking around I landed on the EuroTubes page where they were selling their own ultra chunky damper rings for only $4.50 a piece.

I ordered a few, as well as some tubes, and they had it to the other side of the country in two days. Fast service, appreciated.

They slide right on, no problem, and work right along with your retaining springs.

Are they sexy? Not really. But at 1/3 the price I'm going to be okay.

No rattles at all and highly recommended.