The Fender NAD Combos with YouTube Integrated Technology


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC)

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Today's guitarist demands a new level of performance!

Blazing a new trail with today's online guitarist in mind, Fender, in conjunction with YouTube, is proud to introduce the "NAD" series of combo guitar amplifiers with built in YouTube-optimized tone technology. Product specialist Billy Nerfkin says of this exciting new instrument: "Today's guitarist no longer needs a great sounding amp in the domains of recording or live performance; what they're most interested in is shooting a quick "demo" video with their cell phone and announcing their 'New Amp Day' at sites like The Gear  Page. Unfortunately, conventional amps that sound great in a live performance setting or studio environment can often sound brittle and farty on YouTube, which, as we all know, can be a real buzz kill when you're trying to enjoy a NAD moment with the best friends you've never met."

The solution? The NAD line of combo amps with all new "You-Tube" optimization technology built right in (starting at $199 MSRP for a 1x10 combo).

How does Fender You-Tube technology work?

The Fender NAD combos work like any other amp but with the addition of one formidable innovation: the patent pending YouTube Activator circuit.

The YouTube Activator (foot-switchable) engages the single "You-Tube" (a special tone circuit designed around a premium, hand-selected 12AT7 vacuum tube modified by valve guru and legendary amp designer Neville "Electron" Mcgillicuddy.

When an artist engages the YTA it reconfigures the tone stack and speaker extrusion characteristics such that a Fender You-Tube amp recorded through a cell phone will sound just like an expensive boutique or vintage tube amplifier when heard through standard desktop or laptop speakers.

Don't let your "New Amp Day" turn into a whole lot of butthurt. Head on down to your authorized Fender dealer today and pick up your own NAD combo featuring the all new Fender You-Tube optimization technology


Single channel
1x10, 1x12, 2x12
10w, 25w, 800w solid state power amp
Hybrid solid state / You-Tube 12AT7 preamp vacuum tube
Controls: Vol., Treble, Bass, You-Tube Activator, external foot switch (included)
Height: 12.5", 14.74", 46.9"
Width: 13.3", 15.9", 63.1"
Depth: 7.4", 9.2", 29.4"
Weight: 14 lbs, 19 lbs, 187 lbs

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