Neal Schon PRS

PRS has come out with a Neal Schon guitar that features the unconventional combination of hollow-body construction, complete with 'F' holes, and a Floyd Rose bridge.

While this guitar will strike many as somewhat tacky or tasteless (and, let's face it, the Floyd will add a dash of tack to almost anything) this PRS pales in comparison to an earlier Schon abomination which reminds me of a funny story.

Years ago I was in a guitar shop when a guy came in for his weekly guitar lesson. He looked exceedingly happy, carrying his case, and announced to all those milling about that he just got his new guitar earlier that day.

"Ooooh, what ya got there? A Tele? A Strat?

"Oh, no. It's a Schon" he said with an air of smugness.

Blank stares. "What's a Schon?" one guy asked.

The case is opened and he reveals "The Schon"

Silent, amazed, worried WTF looks were beaming from all directions.

"You know. Neal Schon, the guitarist for Journey."

Five groans were simultaneously and slowly emitted.

"Jesus Christ, well, okay, I guess. Let's go."