Line6 Mobile In

Like so many things Line 6, the new Mobile In features great software hobbled by substandard hardware.

New iPad 3? Forget it. Latency? Higher than the units offered by the competition. Integration with other apps? Not so good. And, to top it off, the hardware interface is poorly designed and will flop around.

I've criticized Line6 in the past but I've always maintained that they do know how to engineer fantastic software. Gear Box was awesome and the followup, Amp Farm, was perhaps even better. But here's the deal: you want to get your guitar into your iPhone or iPad but this Mobile In may be more of a hassle that you want to put up with. Better luck next time, Line 6.

This is so typical of L6.

Amps that actually sound pretty damn good drug down by car audio and cheap PC components, MDF cabinets, and generic budget speakers; stomp boxes in rugged metal housings that hide the cheapest of PCB construction that burn out after a couple of years; a cheap plastic Pocket Pod that dies two weeks out of warranty; a Spider IV practice amp that randomly changes patches; etc.

My old Line6 AX212 actually caught fire while playing a festival.

I think Line 6 needs to seriously rethink its posture regarding the hardware they mate their software to. There are just too many good alternatives out there and we do not have to put up with shoddy products.