Apogee MIC and Apple iPad 3

I just picked up an Apogee Mic for my iPad 3. I wasn't sure the Mic was compatible with the new iPad version but I took a shot. It works. It works really well.

I got the Mic out of the box, attached the included tripod, plugged it into the iPad, opened Garage Band's voice recorder and recorded a fragment of acoustic guitar all in about three minutes. Sounds good.

Want to hear it?

The Mic is a sturdy, metal, American-made condenser microphone that get's world class sound into your iPad for $199. This is a no-brainer.

Any problems?

The tripod isn't the sturdiest thing around, that's for sure. I doubt it lasts long but that remains to be seen.

I also bought a separate mic mount and a much longer cable direct from Apogee. I'll update after they arrive and get some use with them.

All in all, Apogee has done a great job on the Mic and it was worth the wait.