Dumble Amp Leisure Suits

Kicky cats play Dumble amps but they cost too much! There are many D-Style amps on the market that can rival the sound of an authentic Dumble amplifier but what they lack is the existential affectation, that certain debonair image that comes with owning the Real Deal. Dig? How can you play a clone and still be cool? Now it's easy with a far out Dumble leisure suit!

Say what?

With a D-Style clone, a 335, and our new out of sight, D-Style threads, all your friends and acquaintances will be convinced you're a slick LA session cat takin' five aaaaaand takin' names.

There are five hip models to choose from: The Cedric, The Peter, The Bertrand, The Max, and The Jacques.

Don't be just another clown with a clone blending in with the herd on The Gear Page. Order your D-Style Leisure Suit today and *be* The Gear Page.

And for a limited time, if you buy two D-Style outfits we'll throw in a free alligator skin belt and a briefcase. Don't wait, supplies are limited.