Way Huge Pork Loin Soft Clip Injection

The Way Huge Pork Loin "incorporates two distinct tonal pathways that are blended together—a modern soft clipping overdrive and a modified classic British preamp for clean." In other words, like a lot of distortion pedals out there, it's a spin on the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive. So, if you already own a SD or something based on it, you might skip the Pork Loin. Yet, I gotta say, I've had one for several months and, unlike a lot of pedals, I find myself using it more and more.

I typically set it up for either a semi-clean, harmonically rich boost that really nails one of my favorite sounds of all times: the Fender Twin cranked to ear-splitting volumes or I'll crank the overdrive knob all the way up for a really good, furry, fuzzy drive that doesn't sound harsh or grainy like a lot of pedals do when pushed to their limits.

Tip: I keep both the Clean and Curve knobs all the way up.

The price is not prohibitive or exorbitant unlike a lot of pseudo-boutique stuff out there. It might be manufactured in Asia, hard to tell one way or the other.

You can glean a lot from the pedal's product page and watch the videos there, they seem fairly representative of the pedal. It has some cool 'hidden' features under the hood that I'll skip. For now I'm happy to give it a 'thumbs up' and recommend it to players who want a fairly flexible boost/overdrive pedal that will sound good across a wide operating range. It is a good buy.