Carvin Holdsworth Headless HH1 and HH2

I was surprised and happy to see Carvin finally offering a headless Holdsworth but this guitar is a flop:

JCustom Headless Research bridge? These are Korean knockoffs sold through an Ebay storefront. Now they're on Carvin USA guitars?

The vibrato version is non-transposing and not a copy of the TransTrem.

Holdsworth's guitars have a TransTrem of one form or another. For example, his Delap guitar uses a TransTrem and you know damn good and well that Carvin installed the real deal on his own guitars, if he even has anything to do with this at all, leaving Joe Schmo buying the commercially available but inferior substitutes. Weak.

This isn't really even a "Holdsworth" model. He plays Canton guitars "exclusively" now (w/ a TransTrem3 bridge).

Of course, you'll see AH out there playing this thing for a while. You don't make contractual obligations with a guitar company without fulfilling your end of the deal: promote it. But this will pass and it will be on to the next thing.

Additionally, like any Carvin guitar, the electronics would have to be replaced. Sorry, they are notorious for inferior pickups, pots, and wiring. The stuff would be acceptable for some import guitars but at this price point you should expect a lot better. And don't let the endorsement fool you. AH's real pickups (the ones installed on the guitars he actually plays) are made by Seymour Duncan not the stuff you're getting on this Carvin.

I'm not saying this isn't a good guitar for some people but the idea that you're getting a headless guitar with some special Allan Holdsworth mojo is just laughable.