Guitars with Stainless Steel Frets

Neither Fender, Gibson, nor PRS offer SS frets (yet) so here's the few medium-sized or small companies that I know of offering SS frets. As I discover more I'll update the list.

The first person to put stainless steel frets on a guitar was Harry Partch in the early 1940s and I think  the Chapman Stick was probably the first quasi-production stringed instrument with stainless frets.

Parker Guitars: Ken Parker was without question the first mass manufactured guitar company to use stainless and is responsible for the growing popularity of stainless frets. Thanks, Ken! If you're in the market for a Parker look for used models from 2001 to 2004 (the true Golden Era of Parker guitars between Korg and Music Corp ownerships).

G&L now offers stainless frets as an option. This is one of my favorite companies out there building Fender-style instruments and I recommend them highly.

Carvin -- you gotta give some credit to Carvin for being one of the first companies to offer stainless as an option. I have a couple of Carvins with SS frets but my like-hate relationship with the company is well known. Personally, at this point, I'd have to pass on another Carvin, though, my 2007 CT6 is, now, an awesome guitar.

Suhr Guitars offers SS frets as an option if you've got deeper pockets.

The Music Man John Petrucci comes standard with SS frets.

EVH Guitars (a division of Fender) have SS frets.

Vigier Guitars -- very expensive boutique company. Here we start shading off into esoteric custom build territory where a LOT of luthiers can put SS frets on your custom build.

You can also buy Warmoth necks with stainless frets as an option -- good for the DIY guys putting together their own guitars -- as do USACG.

You can also have your guitar re-fretted and Plek'd by numerous luthiers and shops around the country (e.g., Philtone etc.).