Tone Booster Plugins by Jeroen Breebaart

Fans of 'best bang for the buck' products will be ecstatic to learn that Jeroen Breebaart's VST plugins have morphed into a new brand, ToneBoosters, and that the once Windows-only processors are now compatible with OSX.

The old Breebaart plugins were among the best you could procure and many were free or priced so low that there were virtually free. My thought a few years ago was that if his effects were re-skinned and sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars everybody would be singing their praises as serious competitors to Waves and Sonnox, et al. Well, the good news is that they have been re-skinned and updated but the prices remain absurdly low -- e.g., an entire bundle of tracking essentials for 30 euros. Readers of this blog know that I seldom heap unqualified praise on any piece of music technology but, in this case, I urge you to give these ToneBoosters a spin because they represent everything that is right in a pro audio world where much is wrong. With these ToneBoosters you get high value, high quality, and affordability.