Lovepedal Echo Baby Delay

I used the Lovepedal Echo Baby for a couple of years and, ultimately, I would not buy this pedal again.

The EB is advertised as 'studio quality' but not many people would want a pedal in their studio that can be as noisy as this one. Perform a Google search for Echo Baby noise, hiss, and so on and you'll find a ton of complaints. Also, my Echo Baby is prone to receiving radio transmissions (as is my Lovepedal Eternity Kanji overdrive).

The Echo Baby is a set it and forget it style box. That works for me in most situations because I have other delays that are more flexible and powerful but if you're into turning knobs on the fly you're going to be highly frustrated with this one-knob affair as a couple of controls (gain and mix) are contained inside the case.

When the Echo Baby is working properly, i.e., not hissy and not transmitting radio signals it does sound very nice and the modulation is beautiful. It does sound organic, warm, and very analog. However, once I got a Strymon El Capistan I took the Echo Baby out of my signal chain permanently. To be fair, the El Cap represents a different style of delay but, overall, fans of rich, organic, non-linear delay tones can do better than the Echo Baby for around the same money.

Buy used for $100-150 and you've got yourself a bargain, perhaps. New at $219 and I think you might want to keep shopping.