Force Multiplier: The Fulltone OCD

Okay, so I wasn’t a fan of the Catalyst but the OCD is a fantastic pedal from Fulltone that not only sounds great all by itself but also plays well with lots of other overdrive and distortion pedals.

What sets the OCD apart from my other pedals is the pronounced mid-scoop that leaves a lot of space for mid-boosted devices. Combine the OCD with, say, an 808-like pedal and you’ve got a huge, complex sound that’s good for soloing or heavy riffing.

At the moment I have my OCD set up as the last OD pedal in my signal chain with multiple flavors of grind in front: Fulldrive II; Zendrive; and a bunch of Lovepedals – each one contributes its own sonic stamp to the OCD resulting in not just five distinct OD sounds but nine. Put a tasty boost in front and you can add even more combinations to the menu.

If you already use an OCD try running other OD pedals in front of it, or, if you’re getting good results from a similar device let us know what’s working for you.