I Was Wrong, Once

But not this time.

dum-dum: I want to get a Line 6 amp.

IE: They make crap, don’t do it. [Proceed to give detailed, 10-year history of bad luck with Line 6 products].

dum-dum: Yeah, but what do you know.

IE: I suspect you'll regret buying either amp. Bail out before you sink any $ into this. I have a Spider IV right now and it is terrible... You know what's in a Line 6 'tube' amp? A budget transformer + speaker + particle board cab; nifty layout but this stuff is basically made like a $299 Walmart desktop (+ marketing-friendly tube). In short: pretty good software; amazing marketing; junk hardware.

dum-dum: Not sure what you have against Line 6 ...

dum-dum buys the amp. FIVE HOURS OF PLAYING TIME and the amp goes into self-destruct mode.

dum-dum: I just paid for it yesterday, have had it a week. Line 6 SV MKII. I have maybe 5 hours on the tubes. Tubes may have an additional 5-10 hours from the store....I took it back to the store and am seeing what they say... I just dont trust anyone and do my own research...

[And what a researcher he is.]

IE: Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your new Line 6 amp.

dum-dum: You again. All tube amps have problems period. All amps have problems. My last [shitty] amp had problems. All manufactured things have problems. Everything is a problem....the whole universe is a problem. [see 'mental projection']

What he meant to say was that many amps in this price-range have problems. I tried to convince him to save his money and to buy a good amp later. But, no, they all have 'problems' evidently so one problem is just as good as another.

I've been playing a Bogner (i.e., a real Bogner, not the fake Line 6 abomination) for seven years with zero issues or failures, ever. But what the hell do I know?

By the time you take the $ from shitty amp 1 + $ for shitty amp 2 + all the time and energy to keep them going = good amp the first time.